Veterans Community Foundation Supports the Honor Our Soldiers Campaign

VCF: Veterans Community Foundation

The Veterans Community Foundation is proud to announce its support for Honor Our Soldiers, a national campaign to recognize the sacrifices of American veterans, past and present.

“Countless servicemen and women suffer psychological symptoms and other civilian integration challenges and the Veterans Community Foundation works to provide customized services that help them successfully transition back into civilian life. But, while we are dedicated to helping veterans of the present, we must always honor the veterans of the past,” says Robin Woods, manager for Veterans Community Foundation, Austin (Texas) Chapter. “There are millions of American soldiers, seamen and airmen who never had the chance to re-enter civilian life because of their sacrifices on the battlefield. We’re very proud to honor their legacy and support the Honor Our Soldiers campaign.”

The Honor Our Soldiers campaign, sponsored by the Civil War Trust, seeks to create awareness for the many historical sites, where American soldiers have fought and died, that are now at risk of being lost beneath a bulldozer’s blade. For example, nearly 20 percent of the nation’s Civil War battlefields have already been destroyed by development — denied forever to future generations. Of those that remain, only 15 percent are protected as National Parks.

To honor our soldiers — both past and present — PLEASE SIGN the Honor Our Soldiers petition to show your support for the preservation of the hallowed ground on which Americans have fought and died. Go to or visit the website at

The Veterans Community Foundation (VCF) is a nonprofit organization serving Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Texas. The VCF programs are built on a four part foundation that includes counseling, job placement and career strategy, educational development, and life skills. VCF employs a 'wrap around' approach with the philosophy that services need to be as unique and individual as the veterans themselves in order to effectively help veterans successfully transition into civilian life. For more information on Veterans Community Foundation, visit

The Civil War Trust is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of our nation’s endangered Civil War battlefields and to the promotion and appreciation of these hallowed grounds. The Civil War Trust is the largest nonprofit battlefield preservation organization in the United States and has, to date, preserved more than 36,000 acres of battlefield land in 20 states. Learn more at, the home of the sesquicentennial.