Combat Marine Outdoors Declares Support for Honor Our Soldiers

Combat Marine Outdoors

HOUSTON, Texas — Combat Marine Outdoors, a national organization dedicated to helping our nation’s brave warriors through outdoor fellowship, recognizes the importance of preserving historical battlefields and is proud to declare its support for the Honor Our Soldiers campaign.

Honor Our Soldiers — — is a grassroots campaign to recognize the sacrifices of American veterans, past and present, and it seeks to create awareness for the many historical sites, where American soldiers have fought and died. Today, many of the battlefields on which Americans soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice are now at risk of being lost beneath a bulldozer’s blade. Nearly 20 percent of the nation’s Civil War battlefields, for example, have already been destroyed by development — denied forever to future generations. Of those that remain, only 15 percent are protected as National Parks.

“There are thousands upon thousands of patriotic Americans who truly care about these brave warriors who are returning home and in need of our support and fellowship. Combat Marine Outdoors is dedicated to helping them by providing once-in-a-lifetime adventures in some of the most incredible places in the world,“ says Rusty Hicks, executive director of Combat Marine Outdoors. “But no American should ever forget the sacrifices of the soldiers who have died here on American soil. It’s vitally important for all of us to preserve these historical battlefields so that we may all remember our history and the heavy price of freedom.”

Established in 2005, Combat Marine Outdoors (CMO) is a non-profit organization giving wounded warriors an opportunity to get away from the hospital and into an environment of friendship, camaraderie, and fellowship with fellow service men and women in order to accelerate their recovery from the traumatic injuries sustained in combat. CMO provides dream hunts and outdoor adventures for severely wounded Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Navy Corpsmen and these hunting and fishing excursions play a vital role in the rehabilitation of American heroes. For more information, visit

The Honor Our Soldiers campaign is sponsored by the Civil War Trust, America's largest non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of the nation's endangered Civil War battlefields. The Trust also promotes educational programs and heritage tourism initiatives to inform the public of the war's history and the fundamental conflicts that sparked it. With more than 55,000 members, CWT has worked to save and preserve more than 36,000 acres of battlefield land at 110 battlefields in 20 different states.

For more information about the Civil War Trust and its educational programs, visit or call 202.367.1861. Also, join the conversation online at and

The Civil War Trust is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of our nation’s endangered Civil War battlefields and to the promotion and appreciation of these hallowed grounds. The Civil War Trust is the largest nonprofit battlefield preservation organization in the United States and has, to date, preserved more than 36,000 acres of battlefield land in 20 states. Learn more at, the home of the sesquicentennial.